Welcome to ComelyCraft webstore!

We have made this server for people who like playing minecraft a lot. This server will be much better then any other servers, because each month there will be discounts ~30% off on all ranks and money for ingame. There are various rank you can choose from, depending on your liking!

Every month we will host drop parties which will surely help new players; also depending on the amount of players online!


How does your donation support Comelycraft?

Your donation helps us fund the server, and get you new ones, too. It also pays the hard working development team who work hard to give you the best experience possible. Thank you for donating; we appreciate it.

Payments are (and always will be) handled by PayPal.

Unfortunately the server will be open ~12-15 hours a day, because we dont have enough resources to make the server 24/7; for that we need you to donate or/and buy ranks! 



Tipe '' Like '' for 25% discount on whole store.

Top 3 players who spend most money monthly will get special coupon of 50% discount..

Hope you enjoy :)

~ Comelycraft Team

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